2003-06 GM Truck 8-Rib DD ProCharger System


Manufacturer: House of Boost, LLC

Product Information

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2003-06 GM Truck ProCharger Supercharger Systems with Dedicated 8-Rib Drive

- For 2003-06 5.3L, 6.0L, and 6.2L Trucks

- Bracket-Only systems work on most 2003-2012 LS-engines!

- ProCharger P-1SC standard in base system (Supercharger Upgrades Available)

- 50-65% horsepower gain with 8-10 psi of boost in a stock engine application with base system

- System fits P-1SC, P-1SC-1, D-1SC, F-1, F-1A, F-1C, and F-1R ProChargers

- 65-250% horsepower gains with 8-20 psi of boost with larger head unit and engine combinations

- 8-rib Supercharger Direct Drive (crank pulley directly connected to supercharger pulley)

- Factory 6-rib tensioner, belt and routing untouched

- Billet CNC custom brackets designed by House of Boost and produced in the U.S.A.

- OEM quality hardware, fit/ finish, drivability, and gas mileage

- Large front mount air-to-air intercooler–bumper requires no cutting/trimming

- 3.00" intercooler inlet/outlet and tubing

- Durable black silicone couplers

- Easy installation using standard hand tools and floor jack

- Easy-to-read owner’s manual with step-by-step instructions, photos and diagrams

- All systems require LS1 electric fan upgrade (available for purchase, but not included)

Base System Includes:

- ProCharger P-1SC Supercharger and Air Inlet System
- 3-piece CNC Billet Aluminum Bracket System and Tensioner
- Intercooler System and Tubing
- 8-Rib Drive Crank Pulley and 8-Rib Belt
- 12-rib Upgrade Available
- Modified Factory Balancer
- ATI Performance Balancer Upgrade Available
- All necessary bolt-on components and hardware

*** Injectors and Boost-A-Pump are necessary for complete system--you can add them to your order via Options menu below ***

System Features

House of Boost is pleased to release our custom supercharger systems for 2003-06 GM Trucks with the LS-engine platform (5.3/6.0/6.2). This system is the perfect performance addition for stock or slightly modified vehicles, for both 2WD and 4WD models.

With 6-8 psi of boost flowing through a front-mounted air-to-air intercooler, the systems produce 50-55% power gains on stock motors running pump gas. Even with a conservative tune, these systems deliver cool charge air temperatures and high horsepower gains with the industry-leading ProCharger supercharger head unit. “Quiet” head unit models are also now available. For even larger power gains on built engines, 65-250% gains are available with F-Series superchargers for 8-20 psi applications!

Featuring the quickest and easiest installation in the industry, these kits require only a few basic hand tools and a floor jack. With no need for complex wiring or “punching” of the oil pan, thesee systems can be installed in a matter of hours, and can be returned to stock just as easily. From the billet aluminum mounting brackets to the ultra clean intercooler plumbing, these kits are in a class of their own with OEM-quality fit and finish.

Supercharger upgrades available up to ProCharger F-1C.


$100 upgrade for crank pin kit
$230 upgrade for P-1SC-1
$400 upgrade for D-1SC
$1,000 upgrade for F1, F1A
$1,400 upgrade for F1C, F1R

$100 upgrade for 12-rib system
$100 upgrade for ATI Performance Products Balancer (higher boost kits)

$279 upgrade for Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump (Fuel Pump Voltage Booster)
$480 upgrade for set of 65lb injectors
$350 upgrade for generic LS-Style Electric Fans and Wiring Harness

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*** Bracket-Only Systems are also available for $1,650 plus shipping. Bracket Systems include 3-piece CNC Billet Aluminum Bracket System and Tensioner, Hardware and spacers, 8-Rib Drive Crank Pulley and 8-Rib Belt, and the ATI Performance Balancer.***

Product Code: HOB-G07000