LT1 Cog ProCharger Bracket System


Manufacturer: House of Boost, LLC

Product Information

House of Boost LT1 Cog Bracket for ProCharger Superchargers

Fits 1993-1997 GM F-bodies
Supports (P1SC, P1SC-1, P1SC-2, D1-SC, F1, F1-A, F1-C, F1-R) Superchargers
Billet Bracket System (T-6061 Alum.)
Billet Idler Pulley
Billet Spacers
Billet Crank pulley
Billet Blower pulley
Billet Crank pulley spacer (Stock or ATI Damper)
50mm rubber drive belt or optional 62mm Kevlar belt
Includes all mounting hardware

The bracket system retains the standard mounting location used on current serpentine drive ProCharger systems. Although adds the benefits of thicker bracket material, and additional mounting points for added strength. Utilizing a Gates 8mm tooth cog drive belts and pulleys, this system offers the ultimate in drive power transfer and consistency with elevated horsepower and boost levels. Rubber belt is standard for the application although a Kevlar reinforced belt is available as on option. This bracket is key to power numbers exceeding 700+ horsepower.

With a huge wide range of belt pulley combinations, and supercharger models supported, this system offers something for almost any ProCharger user. Although House of Boost does not recommended to cog drive any ProCharger smaller then a “F1” series, the mounting locations for smaller superchargers are supported. F1-C and F1-R superchargers will require mild block modifications for clearance, and minimal space is available for inlet system. (F1-R, will require frame notching for discharge clearance)  Recommended on “Race Only” applications.

LT-1 Cog Belt Pulley Combos
3" Idler
63 x x x x x x x x x x x x x
66 x x x x x x x O O O O x x
70 x x x x x O O O O O O x x
71 x x x x x O O O O O O x x
73 x x x O O O O O O O O x x
75 x x O O O O O O O O O x x
77 x x x x O O O O O O O* x x
80 x x O O O O O O O x x x x
81 x x O O O O O O x x x x x
83** x x O O O O O x x x x x x
* Tensioning Block needs to be rotated 180 degrees.         
** Blower Bracket might need minortriming to fit large crank pulley.       

Product Code: HOB-G01000