ProCharger 5/16 ProPump Fuel Pump


Manufacturer: ProCharger

Product Information

For fuel injected applications. By itself, this affordable pump can support up to 500 HP naturally aspirated, 375 HP Forced induction. Very popular as a secondary pump, in series with the in-tank fuel pump, making a system able to supporting up to 500 HP Forced induction.  

This pump comes standard in all ATI ProCharger systems with 5/16ths inch fuel line. 
IE: Fits Most FORD applications

Universal inline pump, designed for external mounting.
May be run submersed but custom mounting and plumbing required.
Rated for continuous duty applications.
Flows 325 lbs. per hour @ 13.5 Volts and 45 PSI.
Flexible, 5/16" hose barb inlet and outlet are standard.
Mounting brackets, noise isolator and hardware included.
Suitable for use with Aeromotive Digital FMU P/N 16303.

Product Code: PRC-FP001I-001