4VR Ford Mustang Dedicated Bracket System


Manufacturer: ProCharger

Product Information

Four Valve Renegade (4VR) ProCharger Bracket Systems

System Overview

- Dedicated drive and tensioners help eliminate belt slippage

- CNC machined, billet T-6061 aluminum brackets

- Capable of supporting 1000+ horsepower and boost levels above 30 psi

- Retains factory accessories on 6 rib belt: power steering, alternator, a/c, and water pump

- Polished finish, satin finish, and custom air conditioning line options available

- Easy bolt-on upgrade for your existing supercharger system, with no head unit modifications needed

- Also available for purchase with a new head unit

- Simple installation and retains OEM cooling systems: fan, radiator, overflow tank and accessories


System Features

House of Boost presents the ProCharger centrifugal supercharger bracket system for Ford 4-Valve mod motors. Hailed as the 4VR (Four-Valve Renegade) system–this is the last bracket and belt you’ll ever have to buy for your supercharged 1996-2004 Mustang. Constructed from T-6061 billet aluminum using state of the art equipment and quality materials.

The 4VR system was engineered to resist flexing under extreme racing conditions, yet still be as lightweight as possible. Utilizing a dedicated drive system for a supercharger eliminates the belt slip, belt shredding, and belt squeak associated with higher horsepower applications. What sets this system apart is the use of an ultra-strong tensioner and OEM idler pulleys, able to stand the test of time–and extended mileage.

This new bracket system can be purchased as a simple bolt-on upgrade for your existing supercharger system, or with a new supercharger head unit straight from the manufacturer. Polished or satin options available, as well as custom an A/C line option for those who wish to stay cool during highway cruising. Alternate supercharger brand systems also available upon request.

The bracket system was designed around the use of a 1996-1998 Cobra Timing Cover.  (System has not been tested to fit other year/model covers)

** Bracket Systems starting at $1,399 **


Bracket Polishing, +$250
A/C Line, +$375
ATI Performance Balancer, +$380

Product Code: HOB-F03000