2015-2016 Corvette C7 Z06 LT4 Intercooled Race Tuner Kit

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Manufacturer: ProCharger

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Having the ability to claim over 1,000 horsepower is a bragging right well deserved. GM has laid the foundation with the LT4's forged internal motor, and now a ProCharger supercharger system provides you the power adder to make it reality. We created a simple way to remove the smaller factory roots blower and bolt on a ProCharger head unit capable of supporting 1,600+ HP, with no permanent modifications!
By simply removing the factory blower and leaving the factory tuning intact (timing, fuel, 10 psi of boost), you can achieve a gain of 115 HP over stock. With 13 psi the gains can increase another 60 hp to 720 RWHP! (825 HP), while still running the factory timing and pump gas.
1,000+ HP is easily obtainable for Z06 owners running custom applications with more boost and a camshaft swap appropriately spec’d for the supercharger, and even higher gains are possible with larger head units up to the 1600+ HP capable F-2 ProCharger.

2015 Corvette C7 Z06 ProCharger Supercharger System


ProCharger designed and built a custom LT4 sheet metal intake manifold to replace the factory roots supercharger. This intake manifold is a direct replacement for the factory manifold–you simply unbolt the factory blower and drop the new intake in its place. This intake features CNC billet intake runners and base plates, as well as thick-wall sheet metal built to withstand high amounts of boost. We set out to not only optimize flow and power potential, but also ensure the factory hood line was maintained. This robust manifold is also compatible with LT1-equipped C7 Stingray Corvettes.


From mild to wild, ProCharger has a supercharger head unit ready to support whatever power level you desire. The base system comes with the super-efficient P-1SC-1 supercharger, capable of 725 RWHP (825 HP), and race systems are available up to the F-2 unit which can support 1,600 HP. Each ProCharger supercharger model features our patented self-contained design with its own internal oiling system, and is built out of aircraft grade billet aluminum for the ultimate in reliability.


ProCharger performed rigorous testing to design the ultimate air-to-air intercooler for the C7 Corvette platform, including road course, drag strip, street traffic, and in-lab testing. By putting our intercooler systems through its paces we were able to ensure the coolest charge air temperature and safe engine-operating temperature, all while leaving the C7’s factory-engineered aerodynamics in place. See our C7 intercooler system blog for more information about design and testing.

2015 C7 Z06 Corvette Intercooler


The installation of our C7 and C7 Z06 HO Intercooled Systems is 100% reversible, with no permanent modifications needed to the vehicle. The factory supercharger and supporting components/hardware are easily unbolted and removed and can be reinstalled just as easily. From our bolt-in intake manifold, blower bracket, to the air-to-air intercooler system, everything is 100% plug-and-play. No cutting, bending, tweaking, or trimming of any kind is needed.


These ProCharger systems also give Corvette owners multiple options in both the performance and appearance arenas, with your choice of a supercharger air inlet with race-style filter or a factory air box interface, and either polished, satin, or black finish for the brackets and head unit.

Head Units:
F-1 to F-1X

Head Unit and Bracket Finishes:
- Satin
- Texture Black
- Polished

Intake Manifold and Top Plate/Cover Finishes:
- Unfinished
- Texture Black

Bypass Valves:
- ProFlow
- Bullet ProFlow
- Race Valve (open or closed)


Product Code: PRC-1GU204-SCI-F1