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Hummer H3 Alpha ProCharger Bracket System


Manufacturer: House of Boost, LLC

Product Information

For 2007-09 Hummer H3 Alpha (5.3L)

System Features

House of Boost is pleased to release our custom ProCharger supercharger bracket systems for 2007-09 Hummer H3 Alpha with the 5.3L engine platform. This system is the perfect performance addition for stock or slightly modified vehicles.

With 6-7 psi of boost, the systems produce 40-50% power gains on stock motors running pump gas. “Quiet” ProCharger head unit models are also now available for those looking for that "stealth" feel.  

Featuring the quickest and easiest installation in the industry, these kits require only a few basic hand tools. With no need for complex wiring or “punching” of the oil pan, this system can be installed in a matter of 2-3 hours, and can be returned to stock just as easily. These kits are in a class of their own with OEM-quality fit and finish.

Supercharger upgrades available up to ProCharger F-1C.

***Intercooler, tubing, and fuel system upgrades not included--this is a bracket and blower system only. Other modifications and parts will be necessary for vehicle operation with a supercharger--this bracket system offers a way to bolt-on a ProCharger centrifugal supercharger.***

Hummer H3 5.3L Alpha Bracket System includes:

- ProCharger P-1SC-1 base head unit
- Supercharger pulley
- Billet CNC custom brackets designed by House of Boost and produced in the U.S.A.
- Spring tensioner and bracket hardware
- New 6-rib drive belt
- 45-50% horsepower gain with 6-7 psi of boost
- Dual-Tensioning system supports 700+ hp with stock 6-rib belt drive system
- OEM quality hardware, fit/ finish, drivability, and gas mileage
- Polishing option for supercharger and brackets
- Easy installation in a few hours using standard hand tools

Product Code: HOB-G03000


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